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Building Resiliency In Children – Part 3: Embrace Mistakes

Encourage a growth mindset, emphasizing that setbacks are valuable learning experiences.

Mom and daughter knitting
It's ok to encourage your child to embrace mistakes

Give them the opportunity to try things that are challenging but also developmentally appropriate. Set achievable goals with your child and encourage them to strive towards them.

This fosters as sense of capability. Helping your child learn to embrace mistakes as learning opportunities is also a way to build confidence and resiliency.

Mistakes should not been seen as failures but instead as an opportunity to consider what worked and what didn’t.

Resilient children understand that making mistakes is a natural part of growth. Teach them it is okay that when things don’t go their way, they can still learn and persevere from it.

Becoming our child’s biggest cheerleader when they are bounding back from a decision that did not go well, will help build a sense of empowerment to make a different and better decision the next time.

By implementing this strategy to build resilience, we empower our children with the ability to navigate life’s inevitable ups and downs with confidence.


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