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Nicole Dyk

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Nicole Dyk has worked with Family Life Counseling as a Child and Family Therapist since 2006. She received her Master's Degree in Social Work from the University of Denver in 1995 and became a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) in 2001.

As a Master's student, Nicole interned at a private adoption agency, working through the adoption process with families, and also worked at a community mental health center, working with school-aged children doing individual play therapy and group therapy.

After graduating from the University of Denver, Nicole furthered her experience by working as a Caseworker with Arapahoe County Department of Human Services for 6 years doing foster care licensing work and Interstate Compact work placing abused and neglected children across state lines.

Nicole's experience both personally and professionally has allowed her to feel confident and skilled at working through difficult and painful issues with individuals and families. Nicole is both empathetic and caring. She is not afraid to challenge her clients to work through their issues, taking ownership for problems when it is appropriate, and learn new skills and ways of living. Nicole's style is compassionate and solution-focused. She strives to focus on and build upon her clients' strengths while working to create a place of openness and acceptance in her therapy office.

Nicole has practical and clinical experience working with a wide variety of child and family issues. She connects well and works effectively with young children, as well as teenagers, adults, and families. In counseling, Nicole has assisted children and parents as they negotiate the practical and emotional issues related to divorce and blended family. She is also skilled at working with children, adolescents and adults on issues such as depression, anxiety, life transition issues, grief and loss, serious and chronic illness, childhood abuse and neglect, adoption issues, self-injurious behavior, and suicidal ideation.


Nicole Dyk
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