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There can be many confusing emotions as children get older and sadness is one of them. They get to learn about their emotion of sadness, what causes it and how to cope with it while also being able to be creative! 


This is a 20 page resource with not only a whole page of instruction, tips, tricks for parents/caregivers, but also reflection pages at the end to teach communication!


Designed by one of the counselors here at Family Life Counseling who has a training emphasis of childhood and adolscent behavioral disorders, this book is ideal for children ages 2-6 but can be used for whatever age you, as a parent, deem fitting. 


Written by us, illustrated by your child! Unlock their ability to understand and express their emotions, along with parent tips and tricks included on the second page!


We are sorry but no refunds for digital purchases. 

My Book Of Sadness-Illustrated by YOU!

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