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Communication can always be a tricky thing but communicating with your teen can feel like an impossible challenge at times. Between stressors, changing relationships, and hormones to top it off, teens can struggle knowing how and when to communicate well.


Once you purchase, you will recieve a pdf download of a 44 page workbook, full of printable resources and reflections, along with the link to the YouTube video leading you through the instruction and giving valuable insight for parents and caregivers! 


Join Riley, a licensed Clinical Counselor with an emphasis in Childhood and Adolescent Behavioral Disorders to gain understanding, practical tools and insight of how you as a parent, teacher or caregiver can empower your teen to practice and learn healthy communication!


Designed to encourage you as a parent to help your child thrive, learn how to make meaningful, sustainable growth in the communication and connection between you and your teen!


Riley works with Family Life Counseling in Aurora, Colorado and you can learn more about the practice at

Disclaimer: This is a skill-based, psycho-educational video, not intended to replace or be used for therapeutic practices. 


We are sorry but no refunds for digital purchases. 

How to Communicate With Your Teen (Video+Workbook)

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