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Let’s face it, we all are distracted.  We have too much to do, too many people to communicate with, too many tasks on our hands.


So let’s simplify!

Have you always wanted to journal but it turns into a big mess of tasks, to-do’s and so-on?


You’ve found your journal! This download is exactly for YOU my distracted, wonderful, go-getting friend!


Sit down, look at the list of prompts at the front or just go straight into journaling and as things come up, write them in their category and keep journaling!


No more having to have your phone, wallet, to-do list and calendar around you when you need to slow down. Allow yourself to take a moment, write it all out, allow yourself to get distracted and keep being an absolute boss. 


Available in two different sizes, this journal is perfect for anyone who wants to prioritize simplicity this year. 


We are sorry but no refunds for digital purchases. 

Distracted Journal Printable-Customizable Sizing!

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