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Life can make priorities confusing but here are a few key ideas to work through and here's how you can do it: 


1. Write out 1-3 things you feel confident about (i.e. digital drawings, care for others, baking)


2. Fill in the scale of where you are right now with one color, you can always include specific ideas (i.e. people, families, portraits, frozen meals for others, new kinds of gluten free cookies)


3. Put the amount of time you want to try to give to each place of confidence every day/week/month/year (whatever makes the most sense) 

Pro tip: put an amount of time LESS than what you think is best, make it practical for yourself and set yourself up for success!


4. Last but not least, reflect on what keeps you from building these moments of confidence because knowing what keeps us from something we want to pursue is a big step in the right direction!

Confidence Reflection

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