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Ever had so many emotions swirling inside of you that words just can't quite capture? This is a journal for you!


This 34 page resource comes with instructions on what to do, how to create space to get the most out of the journal and even printing instructions! 


Art journaling is a mental helath technique that opens you up to a unique and personal journey that combines creativity, self-expression, and therapeutic exploration. An art journal is more than just a sketchbook; it is a sacred space where your thoughts, emotions, and artistic impulses come together to tell your story. Whether you're a seasoned artist or a beginner, this guide aims to inspire and guide you through the enriching process of art journaling.


Thankfully, the goal is for it to be messy and imperfect so whether you're a seasoned artist or have only held a pen or pencil for writing purposes, this is a great tool to have to reflect! 


Download your very own journal today and start growing in self reflection and appreciation. 


We are sorry but no refunds for digital purchases. 

30 Day Art Journal (No Experience Needed)

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