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Parents, do you feel like you're constantly trying to communicate with your child or teen and are met with a one-word repsonse or an eye roll?  Want to help build trust and communication?

(Read to the end for a surprise!)


This is for you!


In my practice, I see a lot of communication that gets stopped by being nervous to ask or express something face-to-face. This book is designed to help express yourself in writing, with simple check boxes to help start the conversation.


Intentionally created to help facilitate healthy and understanding communication, this is a place where vulnerability can be met with empathy and questions can be met with advice. 


Download your copy today!


WANT TO HAVE THIS PRINTED?? Buy this download now and follow this link HERE to get your book custom printed for a low price, starting from as low as $2.55! 


We are sorry but no refunds for digital purchases.

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